Leupold GX1i2 Laser Rangefinder




GX1i2 Laser Rangefinder

Precisely lock onto the pin with a GX1i2 Laser Rangefinder. Accurate to within +/- .5 yards, this rangefinder features a Digitally eNhanced Accuracy™ infrared laser and 7 selectable aiming reticles to provide remarkably exact yardage on the LCD display. PinHunter2™ partners with Prism Lock™ technology to cut through weather and background elements to equip the Leupold® GX1i2 Laser Rangefinder with unparalleled functionality.


  • Innovative construction and functionalities create a faster, easier-to-use laser rangefinder
  • Multi-coated lens system provides 6x magnification and vivid graphics on the high contrast LCD display
  • PinHunter2™ technology filters out background images and makes zeroing-in faster and easier
  • Digitally eNhanced Accuracy™ advanced infrared laser provides measurements to within .5 yards
  • 7 selectable aiming reticles consistently hunt down the pin to ensure consistently accurate yardage
  • Prism Lock™ technology affords unmatched accuracy through the use of highly reflective prisms
  • Fog mode cuts through weather to provide fast and accurate measurements to get the ball to the green
  • One-touch scan mode provides measurements in either yards or meters for fast and easy readouts
  • 800-yard maximum range and accurate to +/- .5 yards within 100 yards for precise measurements
  • CR-2 Lithium battery lasts for roughly 6,000 actuations to allow for added reliability and quality
  • Waterproof design promotes maximum functionality and utility in a variety of conditions
  • Rugged and compact advanced Polymer construction ensures superior durability
  • Tournament legal and compliant with USGA 14-3 for fair use during play
  • Laser Rangefinder measures approximately 4.2″ x 3″ x 1.6″
  • Weighs approximately 6.8 oz.
  • Leupold