Ping i210 Irons

Starting at $875 for a 7pc set in steel

NOTE: Sold in store ONLY. To purchase this product please contact us at 1-800-276-GOLF.


i210 Irons


Technology: Activated elastomer insert 30% bigger in volume, 50% softer.

Benefit: 25% more face contact, ensuring a much softer, muted, assured feel at impact while also returning more energy to the ball.

Technology: Refined lead edge and sole profiles.

Benefit: Incredible through the turf, providing precision distance with workability and shot-making consistency for competition-focused players.

Technology: Structural design and offset are progressive from long to mid-and- short irons.

Benefit: Hotter, more forgiving long irons; precision feel with control in mid and short irons.

Technology: CNC machined face and grooves.

Benefit: Precision machining makes the face perfectly flat for distance precision.

Technology: Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish.

Benefit: Repels water to greatly improve consistency from rough and wet grass; is more scratch and wear resistant.

Technology: Grooves in PW and UW closer together and sharper top-edge radius.

Benefit: Added friction as 1 to 2 more grooves contact the ball to improve spin and distance control.

Loft specs:

Standard Power

3-IRON 19° 19°

4-IRON 22.5° 22°

5-IRON 26° 25°

6-IRON 29.5° 28°

7-IRON 33° 31.5°

8-IRON 37° 35.5°

9-IRON 41° 40°

PW 45° 44.5°

UW 50° 49.5°

Stock steel shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold 120

Stock graphite shaft: PING Alta CB

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