Ping i500 Irons

Starting at $1,137.50 for 7pc set in steel

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i500 Irons


Technology: Forged, variable-thickness, C300 maraging steel face insert.

Benefit: Massive distance in a player’s iron from metalwood-like face flexing, which increases ball speed and produces a high trajectory.


Technology: Compact size, minimal offset, traditional muscle-back look.

Benefit: Clean design fits the game of golfers looking for a players-style iron.   


Technology: Muscle-back geometry.

Benefit: Helps in hinging the face, especially toward the top, for increased ball speed, trajectory and distance.


Technology: Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish.

Benefit: Ensures smooth turf interaction and reduces fliers, provides scratch and wear resistance. The slight sheen offers a premium look.


Loft specs

Standard Power

3-IRON 18° 17°

4-IRON 21° 19.5°

5-IRON 24° 22.5°

6-IRON 27° 25.5°

7-IRON 30.5° 29°

8-IRON 35° 33.5°

9-IRON 40° 38.5°

PW 45° 44°

UW 50° 49°


Stock steel shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold 105

Stock graphite shaft: Recoil ES SMAC

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