PING Vault 2.0 – ZB


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PING Vault 2.0

(Available in Stealth, Platinum and Copper finishes)

The next generation of PING’s 100%-milled putters are crafted and engineered to provide tour-caliber touch and performance through proven innovations like precision-milled, patented True Roll Technology (TR), plus a new custom-weighting system. The new system offers sole weight options in steel (standard-weight head), tungsten (15 gms heavier than standard) and aluminum (15 gms lighter than standard) to match a golfer’s feel and balance preferences. Available in three premium finishes.
Putter Type: Conventional
Standard Length: 35.00″
Head Weight: 350g
Stroke Type: Strong Arc
Lie Angle Range: ±4°
Also available in Copper and Stealth finishes through special order.

Custom Weighting

A new custom-weighting system offers sole-weight options in steel (standard-weight head), tungsten (15 grams heavier than standard) and aluminum (15 grams lighter than standard) to match your feel and balance preference, leading to more consistency on the greens.

Gold Putter Vault

PING Vault putters are named for our famous Gold Putter Vault, which gleams with gold-plated and solid-gold replicas of winning PING putters, today numbering close to 3,000.

New Face Technology

The individually milled True-Roll face pattern varies in depth and pitch across the face, which speeds up off-center impacts, ultimately leading to fewer three-putts.

Precision Milling

Heads are engineered to exacting standards and fully machined to the tightest tolerances. This ensures premium quality and precision in look, feel and sound.

Quality crafted

Precision milling of the mallets takes place at PING headquarters in our machine shop, where craftsmen oversee every detail, including milling of the TR face technology.

Vault 2.0 Dale Anser face view

PING PP60 putter grip
PING PP60 putter grip profile Midsize, lightweight design with a foam under-listing and dominant flats for face awareness.
PP61 putter grip
PP61 putter grip An exaggerated pistol to fit the contour of your hands, with a rubber under-listing for a softer response. The profile is similar to the popular PP58 grip.
PP62 putter grip
PP62 putter grip profile The thickest of the PING Pistol series, the PP62 is more rounded, with a foam underlisting.
CB60 putter grip
CB60 putter grip profile The 15″ CB60 is  standard on custom counter-balanced putters in the line. A rubber underlisting helps provide a soft feel.

Additional information

Grip Type

AVS Gray MidSize, AVS Gray Jumbo, AVS Gray/Red Stanard, AVS Red/Black


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